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  Bio-NetGuard TM

Wifi LAN access control with fingerprint

Enterprises have been concerned about the security of WiFi networks.  Weak user authentication and weak encryption in the WEP standard led many IT security managers to avoid WiFi.

The new WPA / WPA 2.0 security standards implemented in today’s wireless access point have proven to be cryptographically strong enough to solve the encryption problem.  This means that data in transit over WPA / WPA 2.0 -secured networks cannot be deciphered.  However, many organizations ignore the second requirement for secure networks strong user authentication. 

Bio-NetGuard solves the user authentication issue by providing a RADIUS server which is extended and enhanced with fingerprint matching to provide a secure, convenient and cost-effective way to authenticate users on WPA / WPA 2.0 -secured WLANs.  Bio-NetGuard complements the strong cryptography of WPA / WPA 2.0 with strong user authentication to enable enterprise-class security for WiFi networks.   Bio-NetGuard provides fingerprint-based access control to the enterprise network at the very first point of contact, the WiFi access point. 

Bio-NetGuard is a DSP-based, fully-contained RADIUS authentication device that works with off-the-shelf WPA / WPA 2.0 - RADIUS compliant access points and adapter cards.  It is equipped with its own storage, processor and memory to handle the entire authentication process in a rapid manner.  Bio-NetGuard communicates with clients in a secure mode.

Bio-NetGuard prevents unauthorized users from accessing a WiFi Network.  With Bio-NetGuard, you know who’s using your WiFi.
Prevents unauthorized user access to the WiFi network
Fingerprint-enabled access control to WiFi (802.11a/b/g) LANs

Works with the latest off-the-shelf RADIUS compliant access points and network adapter cards


Conforms to the latest WiFi security standards:

WPA / WPA 2.0

RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)

EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
Fully contained authentication device
Controls network access at the very first point of entry to the network
Communicates in a secure mode with the client PCs
DSP-based – Can’t be hacked
Total “Plug & Play solution” and requires no user configuration
WPA 2.0 (IEEE 802.11i) RADIUS compliance
Bio-NetGuard peer-to-peer Network capability
Bio-NetGuard remote configuration and management
Support for broad array of fingerprint sensors
  Supported Configuration
OSs: Win2k, WinXP (Home and Pro)
WiFi LAN’s: 802.11a/b/g;80211i compliant
Adapter Interfaces: INTEL centrino, Netgear 11T, Linksys WPC11, Cisco AIRONET 350, D-Link DWL-G650
Fingerprint sensors:
No. of Users Supported: up to 250
Matching time: 400 msec
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